New Projects On the Horizon

Over the summer, David Moskowitz had the privilege and honor to get to know some of the families and others in the community that his work with Dr. Hakonarson intends to help with the extensive research conducted in conjunction with the Center for Applied Genomics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

 While working to promote the book that shared the story of the research team, Finding the Genetic Cause and Therapy for ADHD, Autism, & 22q, David Moskowitz and Dr. Hakonarson’s team have been working diligently behind the scenes on new discoveries that will be of therapeutic benefit to those affected by other genetic disorders.

The new research being conducted will take time away from active usage of the Transformative Genetics social media accounts. Thank you to all for their generous support of the book on and offline. 

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Phase II Clinical Trial Plans to Come From Aevi During Second Half of 2017

To update Section 20.4 of the book concerning the Interventional Clinical Trial that Aevi Genomic Medicine conducted in 2016-17, Aevi announced on May 10, 2017 that its Phase II clinical trial identified multiple genes in the mGluR network associated with ADHD.  Aevi, during the second half of 2017, plans to initiate another Phase II clinical trial to confirm the genetic findings of its Phase II 2016-17 clinical trial.  

Aevi will attempt to establish that the data generated in this new clinical trial will set forth a clear path for FDA approval of the therapy for ADHD patients described in the book (now called “AEV-001”).  

"Following additional analysis of the SAGA trial, we remain positive about the genetic subset of patients identified that demonstrate a clear and statistically significant response to AEVI-001," said Mike Cola, CEO of Aevi Genomic Medicine,"This discovery will allow us to move forward with the development of AEVI-001 in ADHD, and potentially other neurodevelopmental disorders in the future, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. We look forward to initiating the Phase 2 trial of AEVI-001 in patients with the identified genetic subset during the second half of 2017 and anticipate announcing top-line data in mid-2018."




Talking at the Phoenixville Public Library

In the last week of May 2017, D.H. Moskowitz was invited to present an overview of his book Finding the Genetic Cause and Therapy for ADHD, Autism, & 22q, at the Phoenixville Public Library. David's talk was part of the library's focus on local authors.



Presenting at For the Love of Books

On Sunday, April 23, 2017, author David Moskowitz was invited to speak about his book, insert title, at the Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville, PA. As part of a program called For the Love of Books, David gave a brief overview of the book.